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5 Last Minute Gifts for Your Favorite Girl

December 21st, 2009

Something sexy, a find from the wine rack, a tech toy, a good book or a classic movie are perfect last minute gifts.

Something sexy and boldly daring – just get the sizes right and share more than a laugh or two. This clip is priceless.

The subscription to Wine Spectator is fine, but cuddling up with a new favorite wine is better yet. Here are two great choices.

She can be one of the first to own a kindle -with a book of course… consider Midnight in Madrid for its exotic locations and art theft storyline.

A classic movie is thoughtful, and you will have to pick something that she will like. In Primal Fear, she gets to look at the handsome Richard Gere and you’ll get to cheer for Ed Norton.

The modern day love letter does not require you to hire a writer and a producer. If you customize the title for her, add her favorite song, dress up her picture, and mix in one funny video you are an original.

About Mashup Arts
Mashup Arts is the “Mashup Card Company.” Our website was built for social networkers who want to share video ecards and photo ecards by mixing their personal content with free Internet content. We encourage individual and community creativity. The application offers options to customize ecards so they better reflect your style or brand. You can also create group ecards for your office, team or school. We help people to play with photos, videos, text and music to create unique and memorable cards. The flexibility and search options are suited for our diverse cultures. Check out what our community members have made for your Birthday Cards, Weddings, Christmas and the Holiday Season, Valentines, Chinese New Year, Diwali, or your favorite charity event.

Season’s Greetings and Season’s Tweetings

December 17th, 2009

Christmas and Santa are trending topics on twitter – it’s the fastest moving stream on the net, and the crowds are on top of everything. Downtown at Facebook, shopping plans and sick jokes are trending at our semi-private parties. It’s a mix of Hollywood and the neighborhood.

How we exchange insults and greetings varies by generation, and most of us will use a couple of methods this year. Many people will opt for Facebook messages and personal ecards this season, in part because it is green, but mainly for the convenience. With over 100 million electronic greetings to be sent in December, what are the new choices this year?

At the top three sites, 123Greetings, American Greetings and Jibjab there are professional studio cards, with more animation that ever before, and a trend to put your pictures into the card. These personal touches mean a lot for these “once a year” greetings.

2009 is a year when the sharing of personal videos and pictures really took off. Every day, hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube and over 80 million pictures to facebook. With all this publishing and sharing, you can expect to see more amateur cards this year, as people decide to tell their own stories and remix funny content.

“This year you will see many more combinations of personal videos and pictures mixed with free Internet content, said Shaun MacDonald, CEO of Mashup Arts. “The trend is to embellish your own pictures and add music, and then share seasonal Webcam and YouTube clips – especially funny videos.”

In the new decade, everyone will be carrying around a powerful camera and camcorder embedded in their smart phone, and sharing much more personal content in their greetings and tweetings. It will not replace professional studios, as there will be even more professional content to go around, especially videos. The studios and our community content will live side by side as they do in the twitter, Facebook and YouTube neighborhood’s today.