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The Perfect “Happy Birthday” for your boyfriend

November 15th, 2011

So, my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in a week and I have no idea what to get him this year. You’d think it’d be easier after four years of being together! It’s always nice to make your boyfriend something, but with all the midterms and assignments on my plate, I could not possibly devote the time to personally make him something, as sweet as that might be.  Not to mention, I totally blew my last month’s salary on a gorgeous dress for my cousin’s wedding. It was until I came across this free app called Birthday Mashup Cards on Facebook. Yes, sometimes good things can be free.

The app offers personalized e-cards with a variety of community templates that you can choose from. Best part is that it allows you to upload all sorts of different media- photos, music, videos. It’s a simple process, since the app is directly linked to Facebook, which enables you to just extract photos from your albums and drag it directly onto the card. It really saves the hassle of uploading the photos, not to mention I have turtle speed Internet. I also searched and inserted a cute little video directly from YouTube, which is linked within the app. Anyhow, I finished making the card in less than ten minutes, although it really doesn’t look like it. These mashup cards are perfect if you’re looking for something personal and simple, best of all- free! Here’s a link to the website for those of you who are interested:, or you can just search “Birthday Mashup Cards” on Facebook. I think my boyfriend will love it- all those memories we shared mashed up into that little card.

Share Awesome Birthday Ideas

November 8th, 2011

As we become more and more of a digital generation, I wonder how we will integrate daily aspects of our lives into the “www” world. Like, how can we celebrate birthdays in a 100% online fashion? What is exciting, about this idea of a virtual birthday, are the innovative options its users can offer. Online users possess a strong sense of community and authenticity. However, as unorthodox as this idea may sound, options are already available to the bold user.

For the users who feel passionate about online gaming, they can organize to meet and play against each other at virtual worlds. For instance, DDO’s celebrated its 5th birthday with its users in a purely online manner this past February. Twitter uploaded a website where the company featured a Youtube video featuring 16 famous people—amongst them UFC’s president, Dana White. If you want to read more on how these media companies celebrated their birthdays online, check out Other sites recommend booking a computer lab or an online forum where everyone invited can meet and contribute by competing in games or creating websites to mark the occasion.

Another area that I have not addressed yet is the birthday gifts. In the web, we have the option of online gifts—but, they may be costly and require you to provide credit information. However, my favourite option available is Mashup Arts . These guys embody the online ethos of our generation, since they use UGC (user generated content), and their app. operates on Facebook.  Like the options provided above, Mashup Arts removes the cost pressure, and focuses on the birthday boy/girl. The app. is all about making personalized birthday cards for the person. If you are on Facebook, you may download the app. for free. A feature of the app., named the Automashup, creates a 3 page photo ecard with Youtube video(s), and a personalized title. If you don’t like the card, you click “remix”, and the app. instantly provides you with new content. Plus, as a way to promoting community spirit, many users can participate in the making of one card.

After reviewing this, I’m excited to see how social media may extend online celebrations.

10 Easy Tips to Use Birthday Mashup Cards Creatively

October 19th, 2011

It is time to try new things! Welcome to Birthday Mashup Cards, an application that challenges the notions of custom e-cards as it sets free your imagination. Birthday Mashup Cards enables you to place  pictures, audio and video to create the most personalized e-card you can imagine. Although this new application is fully guided by your imagination, below are some tips that will help make your e-card, the most personal and unique gift your friend will ever receive!

TIP 1: Try the automashup: If you are new to this application we recommend that as a new user, work with the different templates we offer.

TIP 2: Try the community templates and remix the shared cards. See what other Facebook users are doing.  remember that an image is worth a thousand words. Think about how you want to approach your viewer. If you are unsure of what tone to choose for your e-card make yourself this question: Do I want my e-card to be serious? Humorous?

TIP 3: Select the font to match your page: Remember that the font type is as important as the image or template you choose. Taking this into consideration, Birthday Mashup Cards has installed distinct fonts that will undoubtedly add to your e-card. A quick note on it, is to remember that cursive fonts tend to reflect a much serious, elegant approach, while the other fonts are more playful and adventurous.

TIP 4: Add Multiple Pages. With Birthday Mashups Cards, you can add multiple pages to your e-card. Each page can be personalized differently, which in turn adds to the excitement of receiving one.

TIP 5: Add Images: Add images of you and your friend in the e-card. This will add an extra touch to the gift, as your friend will know that you took your time to make him/her the e-card. Also feel free to add other images (such as fireworks, flowers, etc) as it makes the e-card even more dynamic.

TIP 6: Use Picnik: Once you have your image use Picknik to edit it. Make your picture perfect by adding as many filters as you need. If you are unsure of where to begin try boosting the color, cropping the image, removing red eye, or maybe even giving it a vintage look.

TIP 7: Use Audio: Audio adds to the mood of any e-card. Don’t be afraid of testing. Remember that any good song can make any e-card go from good to spectacular!

Tip 8: Use Video: Who doesn’t love a good video? Choose from a variety of videos we have, or better yet, feel free to be creative. A good idea would be making a video of yourself singing/congratulating your friend to later add it to the e-card.

TIP 9: PUNK your e-card: Give the final touches to your e-card by using the Punk’d feature. Let your friend have a laugh!

TIP 10: SHARE. Send your e-card and share the content you used! Remember that the application is user generated, and the more we add, the more varieties and ideas we will have. However, the defaults are all private, and feel free to keep those settings.