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10 Easy Tips to Use Birthday Mashup Cards Creatively

October 19th, 2011

It is time to try new things! Welcome to Birthday Mashup Cards, an application that challenges the notions of custom e-cards as it sets free your imagination. Birthday Mashup Cards enables you to place  pictures, audio and video to create the most personalized e-card you can imagine. Although this new application is fully guided by your imagination, below are some tips that will help make your e-card, the most personal and unique gift your friend will ever receive!

TIP 1: Try the automashup: If you are new to this application we recommend that as a new user, work with the different templates we offer.

TIP 2: Try the community templates and remix the shared cards. See what other Facebook users are doing.  remember that an image is worth a thousand words. Think about how you want to approach your viewer. If you are unsure of what tone to choose for your e-card make yourself this question: Do I want my e-card to be serious? Humorous?

TIP 3: Select the font to match your page: Remember that the font type is as important as the image or template you choose. Taking this into consideration, Birthday Mashup Cards has installed distinct fonts that will undoubtedly add to your e-card. A quick note on it, is to remember that cursive fonts tend to reflect a much serious, elegant approach, while the other fonts are more playful and adventurous.

TIP 4: Add Multiple Pages. With Birthday Mashups Cards, you can add multiple pages to your e-card. Each page can be personalized differently, which in turn adds to the excitement of receiving one.

TIP 5: Add Images: Add images of you and your friend in the e-card. This will add an extra touch to the gift, as your friend will know that you took your time to make him/her the e-card. Also feel free to add other images (such as fireworks, flowers, etc) as it makes the e-card even more dynamic.

TIP 6: Use Picnik: Once you have your image use Picknik to edit it. Make your picture perfect by adding as many filters as you need. If you are unsure of where to begin try boosting the color, cropping the image, removing red eye, or maybe even giving it a vintage look.

TIP 7: Use Audio: Audio adds to the mood of any e-card. Don’t be afraid of testing. Remember that any good song can make any e-card go from good to spectacular!

Tip 8: Use Video: Who doesn’t love a good video? Choose from a variety of videos we have, or better yet, feel free to be creative. A good idea would be making a video of yourself singing/congratulating your friend to later add it to the e-card.

TIP 9: PUNK your e-card: Give the final touches to your e-card by using the Punk’d feature. Let your friend have a laugh!

TIP 10: SHARE. Send your e-card and share the content you used! Remember that the application is user generated, and the more we add, the more varieties and ideas we will have. However, the defaults are all private, and feel free to keep those settings.